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AllUP™ Restaurant POS solutions for small restaurant businesses Free Trial

AllUP™ Restaurant is an Android™ based point-of-sale solution SOFTWARE that is perfectly suited for quick serve casual and smaller fine dining restaurants. This next generation POS solution is powerful, and possesses all of the key features needed to run a restaurant efficiently.

AllUP™ Restaurant POS

AllUP™ Cloud

Operations Management
• Capture signatures and send receipts electronically
• Manage registers/drawers and control cash on floor
• Easily join, move, or split tables, and checks
Business Management
• Cloud based back office for remote access
• Generate customizable reports, including sales by designated period location, employer, or item
• Generate data bank to create customer profiles
• Keep track of sales and transaction
• Reservation management
Customer Management
• Online ordering
• Maintain unlimited number of customers
• Manage birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions
• View patron visit(s) and order history
• Send e-coupons and e-promotions
• Integrated FlexGift® loyalty program
Employee Management
• Track hourly, commission, and salaried employees
• Utilize time clock functions track payroll and manage time sheets
• View clock in/out status
• Employee or role specific access control
• Easy set-up and maintenance
AllUP™ Restaurant requires an internet connection to complete card payment transactions.

AllUP™ Sales and Return Policy

Return Policy

• We only accept the return with proper RMA issued case
o Return request can be made within 30 days after the shipment received date
o The returnable item must be an item sold by allup.com
o Free return shipping – AllUP™ will provide a UPS return label
• Restocking fee may be applied for certain condition
o Full amount refund
 AllUP™ receives the returning item within 15 days after RMA issued date.
 Returning the item with all manuals, accessories and packaging that is with original condition that AllUP™ sent.
o 80% refund (20% restocking fee)
 Any of above condition is not met.
 All tablets and non-AllUP products
• Samsung tablets
• 3rd party manufactured peripherals
o Scanner, printer, pin pads and etc

Promotion Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for FREE VX 805 PIN pad or 50% off select hardware packages.

1) A 1-year subscription to AllUP™ Restaurant POS software is required.

2) If the subscription to AllUP™ Restaurant POS software is cancelled within 1 calendar year, AllUP™ reserves the right to charge the account the full amount of the VX 805 PIN pad or the balance/difference of the selected hardware package.

3) The promo code can only be used with the same account as your AllUP™ Restaurant subscription.

4) Limit: 1 promo code per account.
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